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     At Agaram Dental Clinic, we make it our aim to educate our patients as much as possible, so that we can come up with a treatment plan that best suits your personal and financial situation. At Agaram Dental Clinic we offer one appointment crowns!

Rejuvenate the health of your teeth.

A crown or 'cap' is used to completely cover a damaged tooth and may be used for esthetic or functional reasons.. Besides strengthening a severely broken down tooth, it can also be used to improve appearances, shape and even alignment of teeth. Crowns are quite often used to strengthen root canal treated teeth as these teeth are more brittle and likely to fracture. Crowns may also be used in case of large irritable fillings, aging teeth or improper bite due to excessive grinding of teeth

There are 3 types of crowns that can be placed:

о All gold crowns are the strongest, but are the least esthetic.
о Porcelain bonded to metal crowns are somewhat esthetic, but very opaque looking. This is because they have metal insides and porcelain outsides. These crowns always break at the interface between the metal and the porcelain, creating a very difficult fix for a very expensive restoration.
о All porcelain CEREC crowns are the most esthetic and durable option because of their rigid makeup. Because it is one cohesive material, it is very stable to the biting pressures in the oral environment.
о Porcelain Crowns are made to match the exact color, texture and translucency as your natural teeth. They look and feel so natural and no one will even know you have them!