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Are Dental Implants Expensive ?

        Dental implants are an investment in your quality of life and health!

Multiple Implant Systems : Implant systems such as the internationally acclaimed Nobel Biocare, Zimmer Centrepulse, Alpha-Bio and Adin implants
Tertiary level Implantology : Advanced procedures such as sinus lift and bone grafting Sedation techniques including nitrous oxide and IV techniques Referral center for difficult Implant procedures
Frequently Asked Questions – Dental Implants: Q. What are some of the benefits of dental implants?
Implant supported crowns and bridges do not require neighboring teeth for support. When teeth are replaced using traditional tooth-supported bridges, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth are ground down so that the bridge can be cemented onto them. This tooth structure can never be replaced. Removable partial dentures use clasps which have to be carved onto adjacent teeth. As the partial denture rocks back and forth, it can loosen the teeth it depends on for anchorage, causing them to be lost. An implant replaces the entire tooth as well as the missing root and hence is a free-standing Restoration. This leaves more of your natural teeth untouched and free of the burden of supporting other restorations allowing them to last longer. The treatment has conventionally been performed in two stages: First stage– The implant is placed in your jaw and the gums are closed over it. Second stage – After a healing period of 3 to 6 months the implant will be checked, measurements made and artificial teeth are fixed to the implant (definitive prosthesis). However, in some situations a single stage procedure can also be done. In certain situations implant placement soon after extraction of the tooth is also possible. Dental Implants should last for years, even a lifetime if they are properly fitted and cared for. It's a lifetime investment!

In terms of cost, Implants starts from 15,000 ( with crown ) to 50,000